A Sample of Recent Projects

Advising a state agency on issues related to corporate climate-related financial disclosures.

Advising a major oil company on using EPA's carbon capture & storage (CCS) accounting framework for CO2 injection for the purpose of enhanced oil recovery.

​Advising and advocating for a small clean tech company on regulatory issues essential to market penetration.

Advising several environmental organizations on regulatory strategy and effective EPA advocacy approaches.

Advising and advocating for a large trade association on a major revision to an EPA ENERGY STAR specification.

Facilitating an ongoing dialogue between a Fortune-500 company and a major environmental organization on an EPA rule-making.

Advising a foundation on grant-making priorities. 

Working with large corporations on EPA's greenhouse gas reporting program, including identifying desired improvements to the rules, ensuring consistent implementation across facilities, and preparing for public release of the data.

Providing recommendations to state governments on how power plant carbon regulations can be compatible with changing utility market and regulatory structures.

​Evaluating the impacts of internal corporate carbon prices on electric utility planning and resource decisions.