Kruger Environmental Strategies, LLC

What We Do

From the outside, the regulatory process often seems confusing – maybe even impenetrable.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.   KES can provide the advice and insight you need to dramatically improve your regulatory and advocacy strategies. 


KES advises companies and organizations on how to engage EPA at every step of the rule-making process.  We can help you provide comments, data, and analysis that EPA will find convincing and can show you how to hold meetings with the Agency that have an impact.  (More on developing effective comments to EPA here and here.  More on strategies for EPA meetings here and here.)

Strategic Planning

Regulatory requirements are a key factor in the cost of existing technologies and the development of new technologies.  KES helps companies understand how their technologies will be affected by current and emerging regulations and advises companies and organizations on how different regulatory approaches will affect energy markets.


​It can have a powerful impact when diverse stakeholders develop common positions on pending regulations.  KES facilitates dialogue between industry and environmental groups and helps these stakeholders reach consensus and present their areas of agreement to EPA and other agencies.


Foundations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are increasingly seeking meaningful metrics to ensure that their funding and programs lead to results.  But evaluating the outcomes of policy or political efforts can be a challenge.  KES develops effective evaluation approaches that can provide valuable information about the success of ongoing projects and identify ways to strengthen future efforts.